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Christmas Quiz

Saturday 5th December 2020

We are hosting a virtual quiz (via Zoom) on 

Saturday 5th December, 7.30pm.

E-tickets £7.50 per person, available from Richard Winch

01264 737723

Price includes a hand-delivered charcuterie board.

All money raised will go towards enhancing the resources of the

pre-school, for the children.

Please email for more information.


Spooky Scarecrows

Monday 31st October 2020

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Little Fingers Scarecrow Competition, both in Vernham Dean and further afield in Hurstbourne Tarrant and Hatherden. It looked like you all had a lot of fun! Luckily, the rain stopped just in time for Russell the Crow and his team to tour Vernham Dean and judge the entries; there was a variety of very imaginative and carefully made scarecrows which we really enjoyed seeing.


Russell the Crow was truly terrified by every scarecrow but he did feel a bit better when he met some of the children and their parents who calmed his nerves a little. He has found it really difficult to decide which one he thought was best, though. There were traditional stuffed scarecrows with straw hair or pumpkin heads, spooky scarecrows with flashing lights and cackling voices, a whole ghostly pirate scenario and a very funny Boris/Trump scarecrow with his ‘glamorous’ assistant.


In the end, Russell the Crow decided that the winning entry was by the Garrood family at Vernham Row, whose skeleton scarecrow combined the traditionally stuffed clothes with the Halloween theme; he was relaxing on a garden bench with his skinny legs crossed, a flat cap on his head and a cup of tea in his horrible bony hand. A nasty surprise for anyone walking up the lane!


But well done all of you who took part. Hopefully, this will inspire you to join in the fun again next year. Finally, Russell the Crow would like to say thank you for showing him your scarecrows, however nervous they made him feel.

Easter Egg Hunt 2019.jpg

    Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Monday 13th April 2020

Unfortunately, due to the developing situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, we have sadly cancelled our Easter fundraising event.

We hope to run a substitute event when circumstances allow.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.