Measures we are taking to keep your children and our staff safe

  • When you arrive at Little Fingers please do not congregate outside. Please stay in your car until a member of staff calls you over.  We will allow one parent/carer and their child/children at a time.


  • Adults will need to stand at the bottom of the steps where you will hand over/receive your child to the member of staff on duty.  Children will then be taken into the Pre-school by the staff member. 


  • Any relevant information you feel we should know or would like to share with us please email us or call us on 01264 737735 to discuss.


  • If your child requires medication please hand this over to the member of staff at the door with a hand written and signed note detailing the dosage and times to be administered.


  • Please be assured that the Pre-school will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis in line with the guidance we have been given, with a deep clean on Wednesday when we are closed to children.


  • Staff and children's hands will be regularly washed with soap and water and hand sanitiser is available in multiple locations for the staff. The main room will be kept well ventilated and children will access our garden area as much as possible.  

  • Toys and other equipment will be thoroughly cleaned each day and soft furnishings removed where possible.


  • The government advice is for Early Years children and staff to not use face coverings and the emphasis is on good hygiene practices.


  • Please note if your child is unwell, you MUST keep them away from the setting until they have recovered. Should they, or anyone else in the household show symptoms of the Coronavirus they must self isolate for 14 days and arrange testing. Should the test then be negative they can return to Pre-school and the family stop self isolating. 

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