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Welcome to Little Fingers Pre-School Committee! As the current Chair of Little Fingers Pre-School I would like to welcome you all to our webpage, which I hope you will find useful and informative.


Little Fingers Pre-School Committee is run by a voluntary Management Committee. The committee is made up of parents of children within the setting, parents of previous children from the setting, and members from our local community.  We are dedicated to assisting with the successful running of the pre-school, as well as managing the staff.




Chair - Carolyn Coleman

Treasurer - Rachael Wythe

Secretary - Henrietta Garner

Bella Mezger - Committee member

Tessa Willis - Committee member

As a committee we follow the Early Years Learning Alliance, this requires us to have at least 60% of committee members to be parents of children currently in the setting at the time of the AGM in October 2020. The other members of the committee can be made up of previous parents and local business/charity organisations. Leanne Shuttleworth (Pre-school Manager) attends all meetings as a staff representative but will not have a vote in certain agenda items.




The committee has a number of important responsibilities towards the pre-school, staff, children and parents that include but are not limited to the following areas:


1. Legal responsibility

2. Financial responsibility including contingency accounts

3. OFSTED requirements and responsibilities

4. Policy setting and changes

5. Fundraising

6. Organising fundraising / social events

7. Health and safety checks and responsibilities




As mentioned above, the committee is purely voluntary and requires the goodwill of our members to dedicate their time and skills to helping the pre-school be so successful.


It is very important to state that without the committee the pre-school would be unable to operate and remain open. The pre-school is committee led and has overall responsibility of the pre-school.


Each member of our current committee came with a large set of skills and backgrounds in many different areas which allows us to be diverse in our ideas and commitment to the children, parents, management and staff.




We are continuously looking at inviting new members to our committee – we always need new members to bring exciting opportunities to the team.


Our Committee meets every half term at 8:00pm (term time only) where we can discuss the above responsibilities listed.  We either hold our meetings virtually, via video conference or in person.


The committee really doesn’t take a lot of our members time and is invaluable to the pre-school!


Attached are some important documents with more information regarding becoming a committee member, however please do not hesitate to contact me or Olivia Duckney (Finance and Administration Officer) if you have any further questions.


Everyone is welcome, but the important thing is that you do not need any direct experience to help us develop further!


I look forward to meeting you all soon!


Kind regards

Carolyn Coleman (Chair)

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

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